Partnering to Succeed


NHP has received support and organizational assistance from the Neighborhood Reinvestment Corporation and its NeighborWorks Network. NeighborWorks is a network of organizations focusing on revitalizing and stabilizing communities across the United States through the implementation of its NeighborWorks Full Cycle Lending System, a proven approach to helping prospective and current homeowners who are unable or don’t know how to obtain conventional loans. Using a similar approach to lending, NHP partners with lenders, insurers, businesses, and government agencies to deliver a range of programs and services—form homebuyer education and downpayment assistance to post-purchase counseling and emergency home improvement loans. Teaming with others enables us to 1) simplify and speed up the loan process for individuals and families unable to obtain conventional loans; and 2) provide a variety of homeowner support services. In other words, we’re paving the way, helping borrowers find their way home. NHP is committed to meeting the unique needs of our lender partners by providing user-friendly assistance for homeownership and home improvement services to the community, thus creating a win-win situation for everyone involved.


  • Individuals and families in need of affordable, friendly assistance find their way home.
  • Lenders save time and money, and can invest with confidence that NHP borrowers will pay back their loans—on time and in full.
  • Realtors and insurance companies are provided with a new source of clients.
  • Home repair and improvement businesses have a reliable source for ongoing business.
  • Government Agencies save time and resources, as NHP administers community development programs and services.
  • The Springfield community as a whole grows stronger, with an increasing number of homeowners taking a vested interest in the neighborhoods in which they live.


Why not contact Neighborhood Housing Partnership to find out how you, too, can be a partner and help local residents find their way home?

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We are a nonprofit organization with the primary purpose of creating and preserving affordable, quality housing and strong neighborhoods through partnerships of residents, business and government.

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