About NHP


NHP was established in partnership with the Neighborhood Reinvestment Corporation’s NeighborWorks® network to assist in increasing home ownership for low and moderate income residents, promote rehabilitation of housing, and provide home improvements via a revolving loan fund for affordable home loans. In addition, NHP will provide referrals to participating lending institutions and provide pre-purchase and post-purchase home ownership counseling. It is also a developer of new construction of single family and multi-family homes. In response to the recent economic crisis, NHP has devoted considerable programming and resources to foreclosure prevention and homeownership preservation. As part of its foundation and commitment to resident-led community improvements, NHP will establish a program to identify and train community leaders and assist them with their efforts to improve their neighborhoods.


NHP representatives will provide the resources necessary to accomplish NHP’s mission. These include financial resources, time, hard work, expertise, influence with peers, loans and other business services, government support services and capital improvements. NHP will promote values that foster a sense of community, such as collaboration, inclusiveness and self-help, and the achievement of the “American Dream.” NHP’s essential “DNA” is the commitment and dedication of its residents, associates, business leaders and government officials willing to work in partnership—pooling their resources to support and nurture vibrant and healthy communities. NHP’s is one of a select few HomeOwnership Centers and is grounded in the NeighborWorks® network’s Full-Cycle Lending. Full-Cycle Lending is a system which provides customer-friendly service in all aspects of neighborhood revitalization and homeownership support, from getting ready to purchase a home, buying and maintaining a home, and supporting community leadership’s efforts to improve and sustain their neighborhoods.

Our Mission

We are a nonprofit organization with the primary purpose of creating and preserving affordable, quality housing and strong neighborhoods through partnerships of residents, business and government.

Open Hours

Mon-Thurs: 8:30 am – 5:00 pm

Fri: 8:30 am – 2:00 pm

527 E. Home Road

Springfield, OH 45503