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You dream of buying a house—a place to call home. But, like many people, you may not be familiar with the home buying process. And you’re not sure you can afford a downpayment, let alone the monthly mortgage. Or, perhaps you already have a house, but lack the funds and experience to make improvements to protect and increase its value. In either case, Neighborhood Housing Partnership (NHP), is here to help you turn your dream into a reality.


We’ll help you get there

NHP is a nonprofit organization that helps residents secure affordable loans, so that they can purchase homes, or make repairs or improvements to their existing homes. We do this by partnering with borrowers, lenders, local businesses, and government agencies. Teaming with others enables us to 1) simplify and speed up the loan process for individuals and families unable to obtain conventional loans; and 2) provide a variety of borrower support services. In other words, we’re paving the way, helping borrowers find their way home.

With NHP on your side, you benefit from:

  • Homebuyer counseling on what you need to know before purchasing a house, so that you understand your responsibilities and are comfortable with your responsibilities to move forward.
  • Special programs to assist with downpayment assistance and closing costs.
  • Assistance in finding and obtaining an affordable loan for your particular needs.
  • Property services, including property inspections on houses of interest, assistance with construction projects, and help with rehabilitating older structures.
  • Follow-up counseling to help you maintain a budget, keep your house in good repair, eliminate the risk of ever losing your home to foreclosure.

You provide the will. We’ll pave the way.

Take that first step to acquire your first house or to restore and improve your current home. Contact Neighborhood Housing Partnership, and we’ll help you start laying the foundation so that you, too, can realize your dream of a place to call home.

If you would like to sign up or get involved in any of our current or future programs, click the link below for our intake form.

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