Introducing eHome America

Online Homebuyer Education

Ohio residents can now access quality homebuyer education from the comfort of their own homes. Students who complete all modules and online tests will receive an official Certificate of Homebuyer Education to present to their lenders. Please click on link below to get started.

eHome America was designed to help more people obtain Certified Homebuyer Education. Many people have a difficult time getting to their local NeighborWorks® Chartered Member office for in-person counseling, for reasons such as work schedules or babysitting issues. This online version helps individuals get the education and certification they need‚ at their convenience.

Though this online course can not replace in-person homebuyer counseling‚ we believe that participants can gain a thorough understanding of the homebuying process.

Each participant in this course will be directly connected to a NeighborWorks® Chartered Member, often to a member in their area. This ensures that participants continue to receive the one-on-one counseling they need over the phone or in-person while receiving their certification online.

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