Cultivating Neighborhoods

Annual Landscaping Project

Springfield's biggest garden party!

Cultivating Neighborhoods implements a comprehensive landscaping program on approximately 30 contiguous owner occupied properties to achieve a critical mass of improvement and to visibly impact the curb appeal of a selected neighborhood.

This project includes the collaboration of professional landscapers, local business sponsors, homeowners and volunteers who work together with NHP staff to make one day event a success. Significant community benefits flowing from Cultivating Neighborhoods include:

  • Increasing housing value and marketability for home owners
  • Raising awareness of the positive aspects of inner city neighborhoods
  • Showcasing partnerships of the corporations, local businesses, community groups, neighborhoods, and government
  • Providing community service opportunities for students and community members
  • Creating a spirit of community, fun and sense of pride working together for a common goal
  • Combining resources from diverse community groups and businesses to create a strong impact on a targeted neighborhood.

Our commitment to the re-landscaped neighborhoods is ongoing. We have partnered with Clark County Master Gardeners to help the neighbors maintain their new landscapes.

NHP wants to improve the landscape of Springfield one neighborhood at a time. As we work together to improve our neighborhoods and make our community more beautiful, we build a sense of community and spirit of working together that is often lost in our fast paced lives.

Due to limited funding, this project is currently unavailable.

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